Hire MongoDB Developers

Tech-Lever offers experienced developers for the management of your critical MongoDB database. Our skilled developers follow the best practices and are capable of effectively designing and developing MongoDB database structures.

Our database engineers are experienced in working with numerous MongoDB management tools, including NoSQLBooster, Studio 3T, MongoDB Compass, NoSQL Manager, Mongo Management Studio, and others. The development services they provide is designed to meet various objectives the client may have, such as

  • MongoDB Installation & Migration
  • MongoDB Database Troubleshooting
  • Database Monitoring & Performance Tuning
  • MongoDB Database Update & Upgrade
  • Database Application Development
  • Database Support & Maintenance

Prices start from $16/Hour

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    What We Offer

    Tech-Lever provides offshore software developers to clients on a dedicated, part-time or project basis. Our approach ensures that clients get a value offering that is on-demand, scalable and flexible with no hidden costs.

    The value of our offering is compelling because it delivers over 60-70% cost savings compared to in-house staffing costs. We understand that the business needs and situations are dynamic and are always changing. Our model gives our clients, the ability to scale up or down as required and simultaneously gives them the ability to hire resources, full time, part time or even on hourly basis, as needed. Our transparent system delivers simple services with no overheads or hidden costs.

    Tech-Lever empowers micro, small, emerging, medium and large companies to realize the same benefits, of top global enterprises, without the need to build and maintain offices or infrastructure, without the need to invest in hardware and software and also without the challenges of human resource management such as recruitment, attrition, work days, leaves, vacations times, incentives, retention strategies etc.

    The software developers assigned to clients are familiar with the best practices, standards & procedures. They have good communication skills, strong technology competencies and good exposure with the variety of projects they have worked on.

    Engagement Models

    Dedicated Resources

    Our “Dedicated Resources” model helps clients get exclusive resources and its benefits without the accompanying challenges of managing an off-shore captive center. These resources work exclusively for the client.

    Part-Time Resources

    Our “Part-Time Resources” model is a “pay as you go” model where clients are billed based on how much time has been invested. This allows clients with smaller requirements to still be able to get the same benefits as that of dedicated resource but at a lower cost.

    Hourly Resources

    Our “Hourly Resources” model is the traditional outsourcing model where project requirements, written deadlines and pre-determined budgets are decided prior to commencement of work. Suitable for clients looking for single one-time development activities.

    De-Risked Trial

    We understand that taking a decision to outsource is easier when there is greater confidence in the partner. As a confidence building step we provide a De-Risked Trial option to prospects who plan to use our service for the first time.

    Our De-Risked Trial allows client’s to explore & understand practically how outsourcing process works, and helps client evaluate our capabilities before making any long term commitment.

    The De-Risked Trial is essentially a paid trial provided by Tech-Lever (at a subsidized cost) for one-week duration to the client. If the services are found satisfactory the amount paid for trial is adjusted against the invoice for the extended arrangement.

    How It Works

    • Client pays USD 500 as a non-refundable security deposit in advance.
    • Tech-Lever provides a full time resource for one week (40 working hours) Security deposit amount adjusted against first invoice during extended arrangement.
    • The extended arrangement needs to be for a minimum of a dedicated resource for four weeks.
    • This adjustment of security deposit against the first invoice makes the first week service entirely free for the client.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Client must have an official email id and verified business contact information.
    • Due to security concerns we do not accept communications from free email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. The trial is applicable for clients wishing to engage in the dedicated resources model.
    • Minimum duration for first engagement period should be 4 weeks.
    • To speed up process trial can be done without signing any agreement or contract.

    Money Back Guarantee

    We at Tech-Lever understand that the only way customers stay or return is if they have received true value for their money’s worth. Our approach is always “Customer First”. We have a well defined money back guarantee that reflects this belief. Our money back guarantee covers cancellations due to delay in commencement of work and quality of service issues.

    Work Commencement Delays

    Tech-Lever normally allocates a resource within one week of initial payment. We update customers on the progress made in identification and selection of the right resource. In case of delays in allocation of a resource customers have a choice of waiting or may cancel the order for a full refund. (Fees are charged only after allocation of resource approved by customer)

    Quality of Service Issues

    If for any reason customers are not completely satisfied with our service then you can ask for an immediate replacement or you can cancel the contract within the first 30 days and we will refund the unused proportion of your fees in full.


    Which type of resource models do you offer?

    We understand that the business needs and situations are dynamic and are always changing. Our resource model gives our clients the ability to scale up or down as required and simultaneously gives them the ability to hire resources full time, part time or even on an hourly basis, as needed.

    Why should I hire resources from Tech-Lever for my project?

    Can I hire dedicated software developers to work only on my project?

    Will you also provide a project manager for my software development project?

    What if I am not fully satisfied with the resource I hired?

    How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of project data and our intellectual property?

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    Hire MongoDB Developers

    ” We have worked with Enlink on various software development initiatives & technology enabled services. Our experience has been outstanding. The Enlink team is professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to needs no matter what time of day. They helped us to re-develop our software for our client and they took the product to a whole new level. Our clients have been extremely happy with the end result. We continue to expand our partnership to include hosting, software maintenance as well as the development of additional software products and business services. “

    Jeff W. Mallory

    Hire MongoDB Developers