Get access to highly qualified database development and administration specialists. Core skills include database design, development, normalization, indexing, analysis and others. Experience sound & robust services from DB administrators with deep domain expertise.

Our resource pool of Database specialist includes several skill sets including

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    Hire Database Developers

    Real-time data managing is very complex and a risky function for the organization which can hamper on its performance. Companies do not like taking risk while accessing the critical information. So it should be left to the experts. Being a value added database development service provider in the industry SummationIT focuses on delivering quality and flexibility in engagement.

    Database Application Development is a vital need for any business. To increase productivity and enable business efficiency. To manage and control the large number of information, database development is necessary. Well-developed database with experts can give you an easiest way to manage your information effectively and analyze your data with full potential.

    Database Administrators Capabilities

    Database Replication

    Our experts can help you maintain multiple copies of database data by having them copied automatically from a master to one or more slave database.

    Monitoring & Performance Tuning

    Our database administrators can help your database to be secure and efficient through regular monitoring and optimization of performance metrics

    Database Migration

    Our professionals have expertise in database migration. They can take backup of data, transfer it remotely to the destination server and restore the backup on new database instance.

    Database Upgrade

    Our DBAs are well versed with database upgradation. They will perform required compatiblity checks of dataset and current configuration to acertain safe upgrade to newer version of database

    Backups and Restore

    The database administrators can take backups from database database and restore them as and when required.

    Database Sizing

    Our database experts will ensure that your database resources are being utilized properly, resulting in optimum efficiency so users can feed and retrieve data faster.

    Performance Management

    Our experts will thoroughly analyze your database and implement thoughtful, informed solutions to optimize performance and increase efficiency.

    Database Crash Recovery

    Our experts are well equipped to minimize the adverse effects of a database failure. They will quickly and efficiently make your system functional and accessible again.

    Domain Expertise

    Hire expert DBAs from Tech-Lever with years of experience in Oracle database development and consulting.

    Tech-Lever provides expert database administrators who can help you with end-to-end support for your MySQL database servers.

    Hire Microsoft SQL experts and ensure security, performance, and reliability of your database.

    Hire expert PostgreSQL administrators for your critical database and infrastructure support.

    Tech-Lever provides expert MongoDB administrators for custom database services as per your requirement.

    Tech-Lever provides expert DBAs to design, maintain, or administrate your SQLite database.

    Benefits of Hiring Database Developers

    • Reduce cost of hiring expensive profesionals
    • Access to experienced database support engineers
    • 24×7 monitoring & DBA support
    • High availability database support solutions
    • Custom DBA services as per your requirement
    • Access to dedicated DBA support professionals

    Engagement Models

    Dedicated Resources

    Our “Dedicated Resources” model helps clients get exclusive resources and its benefits without the accompanying challenges of managing an off-shore captive center. These resources work exclusively for the client.

    Part-Time Resources

    Our “Part-Time Resources” model is a “pay as you go” model where clients are billed based on how much time has been invested. This allows clients with smaller requirements to still be able to get the same benefits as that of dedicated resource but at a lower cost.

    Hourly Resources

    Our “Hourly Resources” model is the traditional outsourcing model where project requirements, written deadlines and pre-determined budgets are decided prior to commencement of work. Suitable for clients looking for single one-time development activities.


    Which type of resource models do you offer?

    We understand that the business needs and situations are dynamic and are always changing. Our resource model gives our clients the ability to scale up or down as required and simultaneously gives them the ability to hire resources full time, part time or even on an hourly basis, as needed.

    Why should I hire resources from Tech-Lever for my project?

    Can I hire dedicated software developers to work only on my project?

    Will you also provide a project manager for my software development project?

    What if I am not fully satisfied with the resource I hired?

    How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of project data and our intellectual property?

    Business Testimonials

    Hire Database Specialists

    ” We have worked with Enlink on various software development initiatives & technology enabled services. Our experience has been outstanding. The Enlink team is professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to needs no matter what time of day. They helped us to re-develop our software for our client and they took the product to a whole new level. Our clients have been extremely happy with the end result. We continue to expand our partnership to include hosting, software maintenance as well as the development of additional software products and business services. “

    Jeff W. Mallory

    Hire Database Specialists